KANYEE is proud to offer a complete 1-year warranty on all of our electric power washers.
The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase by the end user and covers cost for replacement parts /equipment and warranty labor performed.

This product is warranted by KANYEE to be free of defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for a period of one year.

This warranty does not cover:
1.) Normal wear items such as hoses, connector fittings, spray nozzles, or filters unless under normal use, the original equipment is defective in material or workmanship and needs to be replaced prior to the first replacement interval.
2.) Merchandise sold as reconditioned, used, demonstration or floor models.
3.) Damage caused by misuse, neglect, accident, abuse, improper handling, freezing and tear or  non-compliance with operator's manual.
4.) Damage caused by water sediment, contaminated water supply or use of chemicals and detergents not approved by or recommended by KANYEE.
5.) Damage caused by acts of nature such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, etc.
6.) Repairs made by the end user or any service center not authorized by KANYEE. Any such tampering with equipment or accessories will void the implied warranty.

Warranty Returns
Any of our power washers, power washers accessories and power washer replacement parts which are returned for warranty consideration must have a Returned Merchandise and proof of purchase. All unauthorized returns will be refused and shipped back to sender. KANYEE is not responsible for any freight costs associated with unauthorized returns. Of course, you will not be responsible for shipping costs on warranty merchandise being returned to you.

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